About Us

We aspire to centralize your corporate communication.Communication and keeping data of meetings and sharing these notes is generally a problem in organizations. At Meunic, our systems will enable your employees to communicate with each other through this online social media platform, sharing anything from notes taken through a private session to allowing other users to connect safely and securely to the same meeting to discuss the task at hand. Once notes are published all the users connected to that meeting will have immediate access to the notes or documents shared and are enabled to ask any further questions at any time, creating a new conversation thread per conversation.

Engaging through Meunic, your “Enterprise Social Media Network”, you are decreasing cost to company through streamlining emails, flights, accommodation and hiring of transport. All this by simply establishing a portal through which employees can communicate.

This leads to improved efficiency of all employees.

The competitive advantage Meunic has to over other similar platforms is that we bring the personal communications and business communications together in one platform where you can securely share documents and meeting notes.

We are also in the process of developing our mobile app for Microsoft, Android and iOS. You will be able to download the app from the Meunic.com website. On your mobile app profile you can work offline, safe in the knowledge that your profile will be updated immediately once connectivity is restored.


Keys to Success

At Meunic, we are driven and enthusiastic. A local South African company offering a locally produced product with the ability to expand globally. Currently hosted in a South African based hosting facility with hosting and DR sites available in 7 different countries around the globe.

Meunic is a way for users to connect with each other in the corporate world through an online social media platform. Each Vendor\Company\BU in a Company will be able to create their own page (managed by the department of choice) where users of the same company can connect and share work related information with each other.

You can connect and share with both intercompany businesses and external businesses as long as they are part of Meunic.

You can create events and load all the needed information on the company’s page. All communications, information, pictures and videos centralised and shared.

Meunic offers you the most user friendly interface for creating meetings and sharing documents amongst specific people or groups. With a local based company making changes to your pages on Meunic becomes more convenient. With our vision and unique way of thinking, we at Meunic can change the way the world connects with each other.